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Equipping Athletes for THEIR Tomorrow

EAEN Conference 2019

Equipping Athletes for THEIR Tomorrow

October 9th & 10th 2019 - Canberra

The 2019 conference explores the future of Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement and the innovations allowing us, as a network, to better prepare our Elite athletes for optimal performance, in sport and beyond.

Featured in the jam-packed, 2 day conference program is Melbourne Business School Associate and TedEx presenter, Chyloe Kurdas. Chyloe has been instrumental in significant sporting landmark events, including the uptake of the AFL Women's League and key initiatives within Golf Australia. Chyloe is joined by Hugh Van Cuylenburg, founder of Melbourne-based The Resilience Project, which has delivered programs on wellbeing and resilience to leading sporting organisations, schools, and other corporations across Australia. Simon Kustenmacher (The Demographics Group) a demographer with an eye on the future, rounds out the leading keynotes speakers, with each speaker coming together to address new, up and coming trends and innovations across Athlete Wellbeing.

There will also be opportunities to meet and hear from other members of the AIS AW&E team as well as the AW&E managers from National Sporting Organisations, Commercial Sports and National Institute Networks.

The program aims to draw on experts from across the AW&E field, internal and external to the sporting and university networks, while also capitalising on opportunity for collaboration and sharing of knowledge across these networks.

Click to download the 2019 EAEN Conference Agenda

Any queries please contact:

Day 1 Session
8:30am Coffee and Registration
9:00am Open and Welcome

Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement (AW&E) at the AIS

Matti Clements


Linking the Sport System: The High Performance System and the Road to Tokyo

Panel Discussion

10:20am Morning Tea

AW&E - 360° Support for HP Athletes: Universities and Athlete Wellbeing

Round Table Discussions  

12:05pm  Lunch

Keynote Address: Future Thinking and Changing Demographic Trends

Simon Kuestenmacher (The Demographics Group)


Speed Networking: What will university and study life be like for athletes in the future?

One on One Discussions


AW&E Careers and Education: Career Practitioner Referral Network

Panel Discussion

2:40pm Afternoon Tea

Mental Health: Balancing the Needs of Sport and Study

Mental Health Team Panel


Keynote Address: Preparing Athletes for Life Beyond Sport

Hugh van Cuylenburg (The Resilience Project)

4:35pm Session Finish - AIS Residence check-in
5:00pm Find your 30 - See notice board for details
6:00pm Bus Departs Visitor Centre for Dinner
6:30pm  Dinner: The Deck Resturant
Day 2 Session

Coffee and Registration


Day 2 Open and Welcome

AW&E: Community Engagement  


Wellbeing and Social Connection

AIS Community Engagement Team


Socially Connected Athletes within University Communities: What can we do as a network to socially connect athletes within university communities?

Round Table Discussion

10:00am Morning Tea

A Student-Athlete's Perspective: Learnings from life on campus as an elite athlete

Student-Athlete Panel


Keynote Address: Embedding Change through Policy and Action

Lisa Hasker

12:10pm Lunch

Keynote Address: Building a Culture for High Performance Outcomes

Chyloe Kurdas


Promoting the Sporting Success Story: Marketing Approaches in a Sports Setting

AIS Marketing Team


Future Direction of the Elite Athlete Education Network

Lucas Frederick      

2:40pm  Behind the Scenes at the AIS - Tour
3:15pm Closing Messages
3:20pm Conculsion of Conference

Held at the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS), Canberra, the EAEN Conference 2019 offers a unique opportunity to get a glimpse "behind the scenes" at the training environment and facilities available to some of the nation's most elite athletes. Conference participants are invited to stay on campus, experiencing first-hand life at the AIS and what it is to eat, sleep, and live as an athlete at Australia's premier elite sports precinct.

Key Dates:

  • Registration Opens: 29th April 2019
  • Registration Closes: 31st May 2019
  • Conference: 9th - 10th October 2019
  • Gala Networking Dinner: 9th October 2019

Registration details have been emailed to the network directly. If you have not received your conference invitation, contact Lucas Frederick, Project Officer Athlete Wellbeing and Engagement today!

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